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All New Marina Designed Floating Pier, Facilities and Amenities

Blue Water Marina Marina Designed Floating Pier, Facilities and Amenities

The devastating consequences of Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012 destroyed almost all of Blue Water Marina, rendering the majority of the Marina closed. For two years, the Calabrese Family took on the arduous and expensive task of rebuilding the Marina with the necessary facility improvements and amenity upgrades their customers demanded. In 2016, the Marina was dredged to a minimum four foot depth at low tide to ensure all boats can easily maneuver any time of the day. Today, the Calabrese Family is proud to welcome new and current renters to the Marina for a fun, safe and enjoyable boating experience.

Philadelphia Inquirer News Article: Two years later, many Shore businesses moving past Sandy written by Jacqueline Urgo dated October 27, 2014


We want to thank everyone for making the Blue Water Marina a place where family and friends enjoy a fun and safe boating experience. Please join us next summer to celebrate our 19th year of servicing Margate City and surrounding communities.

Join us for:
  • Welcome gift bag
  • Food and Refreshments
  • Prizes
  • Meet your neighbors
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Stacey's Surf and Paddle (www.staceysurfcamp.com) located at the Blue Water Marina is owned and operated by Stacey Marchel who is a true local with sand between her toes. She was born and raised at the Jersey Shore, in Margate New Jersey. After graduating Atlantic City High School and Philadelphia University, she moved to New York City and became a successful textile designer living the big city life but returned to her roots to raise her two boys, Spencer and Cameron.

Stacey became passionate about surfing after she took her first surf lesson with her son when she was 36 years old. Her passion for surfing quickly grew into a lifestyle and since then, Stacey has traveled to various surf destinations including Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Tortola and Mexico among others.

Stacey fulfilled her dream of introducing novice surfers to the healthy, fun and life-changing sport of surfing opening Stacey's Surf Camp in 2008.

Surfing has taught Stacey how to overcome her fears and has given her a deeper level of appreciation for the ocean and all its power. It offers Stacey a great physical challenge and provides a spiritual happiness that she hadn't encountered before. The lessons that she has learned in the water has better prepared her to accept and embrace life�s waves.


In 1928, the word "marina" was used, for the very first time, by the National Association of Engine and Boat Manufacturers to define a recreational boating facility. Since then, marinas have become an integral part not only of American recreation, but also American life. National Marina Day celebrates not only the rich history of the marina industry, but its bright future as well.

The U.S. Congress has voted overwhelmingly to designate July 1 as National Boating Day in recognition and celebration of the important role recreational boating plays in the lives and health of the nation's estimated 73 million boaters and the economy, the National Marine Manufacturers Association reported in a statement this morning.

"Boating is not just a coastal pastime; it's an American pastime," said the resolution's sponsor Rep. Ron Klein (D-Fla.) in a June 25 speech to his colleagues on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. "Boating brings us closer to our natural treasures. I strongly believe that an appreciation for environmental stewardship comes about through interacting with nature."

In their respective resolutions designating July 1 as National Boating Day, the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate commended the recreational boating industry and community for their responsible stewardship of the environment and marine resources, according to NMMA.

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