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  1. The Marina, in its absolute discretion, will assign each slip (the “Slip Assignment”) to vessels by their length, beam, draft and any other compatible standards.
  2. Slip Assignments are seasonal only and run concurrent with the Slip Agreement and are not automatically renewable.
  3. Prior to Slip Assignment, the Slip Agreement must be fully completed and executed, with the necessary non-refundable deposit and any requested additional information to the Marina. The Marina has absolute discretion to approve applicants for slips.
  4. On September 15, Slip Holders will be contacted by Management regarding the upcoming season’s Slip Assignment.
  5. Management will hold each Slip Holder’s Slip Assignment until January 15 for their review of the new Slip Agreement, terms and conditions of the Marina. After January 15, slips without a deposit will be offered to the public for assignment.
  6. Outstanding balances on the Slip Agreement must be paid on or before March 15 to guarantee Slip Assignment.
  7. Slip Holders are only permitted to dock the recorded vessel in the assigned slip on the agreed upon Slip Agreement.
  8. Slip Assignments are non transferable. Slip Holders who sell their vessels will immediately terminate the Slip Agreement. After five (5) days from the sale date, the vessel must be removed from the Marina. After which, a daily storage charge will be imposed.
  9. Slip Holders will not use unassigned vacant slips.
  10. The Marina may, in the Marina’s commercially reasonable judgment, reassign any Slip Holder, either temporarily or permanently during the season.
  1. On or about August 15, Management will establish a list of boat owners who want to be Slip Holders for the upcoming season.
  2. An application must be completed by each perspective Slip Holder, which will contain necessary information to process a Slip Agreement.
  3. At the appropriate time, Management will contact each individual on the list in order of application acceptance and must own a properly sized vessel at the time a slip becomes available.
  4. Each season the waiting list will expire and all perspective Slip Holders must reapply.
  1. Each Slip Holder and their guests (“Slip Holder”) are expected to observe and obey the Dock Policy as such policy may change from time to time without exception.
  2. Observance of local, county, state and federal laws, including quiet hours as set forth by Margate City, New Jersey, is mandatory.
  3. Proper consideration and respect of the Marina and its Managements’ authority will be observed by all Slip Holders.
  4. Slip Holders are expected to be good neighbors, be prepared to assist others Slip Holders during difficult docking maneuvers, keep noise and disturbance to a minimum level and report all violations of the Dock Policy of the Marina to Management.
  5. Sanding and painting vessels are strictly prohibited at the Marina.
  6. Improper discharge of any and all oil-based products at the Marina is strictly prohibited.
  7. Use polypropylene glycol antifreeze for all systems.
  8. Garbage, sewage, wastepaper, empty bottles, cans, plastic shrink wrap or any other waste material which may contaminate the water must not be discharged in any slip. Slip Holders will remove all waste and litter from the Marina.
  9. Vessels must be operated at the slowest possible speed, considering maneuvering conditions. Owners are responsible for their vessel’s wake under Marine Law. Vessels entering the Marina have the right of way over vessels leaving the Marina.
  10. Slip Holders will not lend or distribute keys or combinations to others that are the property of the Marina without the written approval from Management. Keys will be returned to Management upon termination of the Slip Lease.
  11. Alterations or additions, including dock boxes to slips or other Marina facilities are strictly prohibited without the explicit approval of Management.
  12. Unless paid by the Marina and where applicable, utilities such as electricity, telephone, and Cable TV are the responsibility of the Slip Holder.
  13. Entrance gates to the docks must remain locked at all times. Slip Holders will ensure that when entering or leaving the Marina the gate is closed and locked.
  14. Marina restrooms are for the use of every Slip Holder. Proper usage and care is mandatory.
  15. Slip Holders are fully and solely responsible for the security of their vessels, equipment, gear, and property left in the Marina.
  16. Pets must be leashed at all times and under the control of the Owner.
  17. No cooking grills (charcoal or propane) or open fires for any purpose are permitted on the docks.
  18. No electric heaters are permitted on vessels during cold weather.
  19. No firearms or explosives are permitted in the Marina.

Please send all correspondence to:
Rosa LLC D/B/A Blue Water Marina
P.O. Box 472
Wayne, PA 19087

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the printable dock policy above. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download it here.

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